Materials & Care


Grafa garden tools are handmade locally in Melbourne’s inner west, using readily available copper, bronze and hardwood timber materials.

Much of the copper is up-cycled, reclaimed tube collected from metal recycling centers around Melbourne.
Copper is mainly used because it is malleable enough to shape but being single tube, it is still strong enough to handle years in the garden. It is also infinitely recyclable, even 50% of new copper is made from recycled copper.

Bronze is used for the tool heads on the timber handle range because of it’s toughness, strength, low coefficient of friction, and fine grain. Bronze is an alloy, made primarily of copper.

The tools were specifically designed with organic and biodynamic gardening principles in mind because copper does not rust and its properties are found to promote growth and nutrient uptake.


Copper can be cleaned after use with a damp rag.
Over time a natural patina will emerge which can be enjoyed for it’s own beauty. The patina will come and go with use in the soil, more use means less patina. If preferred, this patina can be removed with either a fine grade stainless steel wool (copper) or a medium grade scotch-brite (bronze). You can even use a high quality metal polish.

The timber handles are Corymbia Maculata, a species of Spotted Gum Eucalypt specifically selected for tool handles because it doesn’t splinter (similar properties to Hickory). The timber is also kiln dried for strength and stability. The ends are now finished with a radius (rounded end) for comfort and the timber oiled with UV protection.
The Spotted Gum comes from native, renewable, sustainably managed and harvested forests on the East Coast of Australia.

It is strongly recommended to keep tools out of the weather and away from harsh garden chemicals or household cleaners.

Please contact Grafa with any questions about the care or usage of the tools.