Cloak - Handmade Copper Planter

Beautiful copper planter which wraps around a standard sized plant pot (either SMALL 14cm/5.5 inches or LARGE 20cm/8 inches) with a thin brass rod or rivet through the diameter. The cloak is coated with a natural finish which prevents the exterior from ageing for many years, preserving the sheen.

The planter comes with a black plastic saucer to fit a standard pot (either 14cm or 20cm depending on which you have). To use, drop the saucer into the planter so it is sitting on top of the rod/rivet and then place your pot plant on the saucer so it’s sitting inside the planter.

No need for transplanting, the gorgeous cloak will cover it all. So simple!

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All planters are either shipped individually or wrapped carefully with other items in kraft boxes, depending on how they are ordered. We can also include a personal gift card on request and send direct to your receiver.

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Returns policy

All planters will last for years with correct care, and come with a coating which should maintain the natural sheen of copper. If the coating eventually wears away, a beautiful naturally patina will appear over time. Do not leave out in the weather, unless you want the patina to appear sooner. Any tool found to have workmanship faults will be replaced. Unused tools returned within 2 weeks of purchase will be refunded.


Small (to fit a standard sized 14cm/5.5 inch diameter pot)
Diameter: 14cm
Height: 24cm

Large (to fit a standard sized 20cm/8 inch diameter pot)
Diameter: 20cm
Height: 30cm

Starting at $120.00

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